What can I do for you?

Here’s some examples:

(Children’s book) illustration

I’ve got a degree in creative writing, and although in the end it seems like images are more my thing, I’ve got a thing for storytelling. Illustrating books or making covers is the place where for me these things come together perfectly. It’s one of the things I like doing most. I’m especially fond of children’s books and poetry. If you have a project and my style fits yours, I would love to hear from you.

(Read the amazon reviews for the first book I illustrated here!)

Birth announcement cards

I love making birth announcement cards! It’s such a happy occasion, and I always feel so honored to be a part of this special moment. I’m always looking to include personal touches, like pets or places that are special in some way to the parents. There are many possibilities available in different price ranges. If possible, I’ll even send you the original painting for the nursery or as a keepsake. Click here to share your ideas with me.

Pet portraits / house portraits / original paintings

I’m a pet person, so of course I would love to paint your pet. I’ve also painted homes and special paintings for nurseries or as other special gifts. Let me know!

Posters, flyers, business cards

I was the go-to person of my class at the School of Writing every time a poster or flyer needed to be made for a presentation. I also started to make posters for other cultural events I helped organize. That’s in a nutshell how I slowly gradually transitioned from writing to making visual designs.

At first, in the early years, I mostly did collages; later on, I discovered watercolors, and lately, I’ve been exploring linocutting and block printing. All of which are very well suited for this purpose. I would love to create something eye-catching for your business or event. Drop me a message!

Album covers

True, I only did a few of these and it has been a while. But I would love to do more! Musicians, where art thou? I’m over here.

This is just a few examples.
Feel free to reach out with other ideas, and we can discuss the possibilities. No strings attached.

I look forward to hearing from you!