Lino print “Big Good Wolf”



Open edition of a series of Big Good Wolf linocut prints on 200 grs. Fabriano paper, signed.
Printed by hand with oil based ink.
There may be small variations from print to print. Each one is unique and can be slightly different from the print in the picture.
These prints were made based on a collaboration I did with Wilma Pistorius. She asked me to write the text to a music piece, and I had the Big Good Wolf floating in my head for some time, so it’s about him. You can hear the piece here.

So which Wolf is coming home with you??

Send me a message at checkout to let me know which Wolf(es) you want!

in order of appearance:
1. Wolf in sheep’s wool
2. Huff and puff and blow bubbles
3. Grandmother’s cookies
4. I’m not howling, I’m singing.
5. Come, let’s pick flowers.

Additional information

How many wolves

1 wolf, 2 wolves, 3 wolves, 4 wolves, 5 wolves


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